Phasmophobia Guide

App to help identify ghosts in Phasmophobia

Screenshot of the application

The functional goal of this tool is to make it a little easier for my friends and I to figure out what ghost we are dealing with when we play Phasmophobia.

But it also served as a good way to put into practice some things I have learned about Javascript and ReactJS!

This was a fun little weekend project that I put together, and continue to maintain as the game gets updated and we continue to play.

The core concept of the app is quite simple. It stores an array of ghosts objects (where each ghost contains an array of evidence that identifies it) and an array of observed evidence. Each time the observed evidence changes, the app filters the ghost array to only show ghosts that match the selected evidence.

The filtering is done in two ways:

  • Ghosts must include all selected evidence
  • Ghosts must not include any rejected evidence

When all this is put together, the app allows users to select the evidence they observe in the game and quickly see which ghosts may be haunting the house.

The source code is hosted on GitLab. By using GitLab's CI/CD the app is built and put into production on each new commit to the main branch - I love automation!

Hector Smith