I'm Hector 👋

Welcome to my little corner of the internet

Hi! Thanks for visiting my website. This is a space where I share things I'm passionate about. It will likely always involve computers in one way or another 😁

You will find projects I've worked on (some of which I continue to use & maintain), articles I've written, and a dump of my notes that are mainly here so I can refer back to them in the future.

This is also a playground I sometimes use to try out different things. I started out using Jekyll, then moved to Hugo, and then recently rewrote the site from scratch using 11ty . So I may break things every now and then 😅

I got started with coding back in 2011 when I started learning VisualBasic. I still remember one of my first projects back then - was a simple desktop application that would solve Sudoku puzzles. I didn't know much about solving Sudoku puzzles (and I still don't!) so the algorithm basically brute forced the puzzle until it found a solution. It was a lot of fun to build!

Since then I've worked with a variety of languages across a variety of projects including Java, C, C++, C# , Python, Kotlin, Go, and Javascript . I've also used a variety of tools around software development, like Grafana, Docker, Linux, #postgresql, among many others.

My experience has taught me that once someone understands how to write code, the language they use isn't that important. A new language will have slightly different syntax and a different ecosystem of tools around it, but at the end of the day, code is code.

I consider myself a polyglot programmer and I enjoy playing around with different languages and I would encourage others to do the same!